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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kinsey Avan Maria Reyher

We gave her a name. She is now Kinsey Avan Maria Reyher. We have posted her pics for all to see. We will keep you posted.


NANA said...

Yes! She is beautiful!
Praise the Lord!
He is faithful!

Welcome Miss Kinsey Reyher
We love you and I can't wait to wrap you in my arms and smother you with NANA kisses.

MOM said...

I knew she was perfect & beautiful!! God's time is not always our time, but He is reliable! I cannot wait to see her & hold her& comb her pretty hair!! We loved her before she was born! Her name is beatiful & I am happy to see it carry on!!! ;)

Love u's,

Jennifer & Craig said...

Congrats!! She's just beautiful.
Jen (FTIA) :)

Sandy said...

She's a doll! Thanks for sharing your site.
Sandy (FTIA)

Johnda said...

She is beautiful! I'm glad to find a "newbie" adoptiong blog...
I love reading blogs, we are adopting from Guat and are so nervous..Hope to hear from you and maybe we can help each other along the way....