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Thursday, December 6, 2007

We have DNA authorization!

Yes, that is right! We got DNA Authorizaion yesterday. We waited approx. 6 weeks. I was getting a little nervous. We also got the email that our POA was registered in Guatemala. That is a sigh of relief too. We will keep you updated........ Come on family court!!!!!!!!


Will and Aileen said...
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Sandy said...

Congrats!!! Hope DNA is done quickly! Isn't it great to check some steps off that list?

the gFamily said...

Congrats on movement! I am so glad that you are registered!! What a relief! I pray the rest of your process goes quickly!


Will and Aileen said...

Congrats on getting your DNA authorization! I found your blog through Jen and Ava's blog-I started out with FTIA as well but switched when the list was sooo long. Our babies were born the same day-and our daughter's birthname is Maria as well! Hope the rest of your process flies by!
Ariana's Mommy