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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

DNA is 99.99% a match!!

Well, we got home monday night around midnight and yesterday we had family over all day visiting with us. Today we both returned to work, so now that I am home I thought I would post a few pics. I know several friends and family members are ready to see some new pictures. We absolutely had a blast. It was the best thing ever and I did surprisingly well about leaving. All 3 of us have had our moments. She is an angel. Very passive and content. We can't wait to go back and pick her up. Now we are going to work on her room. We wanted to save that for when we returned home that way we had something to keep ourselves occupied. We did receive DNA results in the mail yesterday. That was nice. Kinsey and her brithmother's DNA match, so now we are on to the next step which is waiting for Pre-Approval from the US Embassy. That can take an average to 40-50 days. We are already 7 days waiting bacause the embassy actually received the results before we did one week ago. Yeah!! Only approx 40 more days to go. We are slowly making process. Enjoy the pictures.


The gFamily said...

Congrats on having the DNA done!! Another step to check off the list!! I love the new pictures you posted!! Kinsey is BEAUTIFUL!!

Sandy said...

She's beautiful!!! Congrats on DNA match! Come on PA. Glad you had a great visit. It is soooo worth it, if you can go. Hope you are back soon bringing her home forever!

Auntie G said...

She is absolutely beautiful!! And so tiny.