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Saturday, January 19, 2008

We are here having a blast!!!!

We are finally here, we arrived to the hotel at 1:30pm and got Kinsey at 2pm. I cried my eyes out. We were so running on adrenaline due to getting up at 2:45am to catch the flight. She is such a passive baby. She did not cry until 7pm last night and that was because I put her in a bath that was not warm enough and she quivered her little lips. I felt horrible. Lilian her fostermother is wonderful. Her niece was with her and you can see how much they care for her. She is like clockwork, she eats every three hours but does not cry when she is hungry she sucks on her right hand. She slept from 8:45pm t0 6am without a night feeding. WOW! That would have been great except for the fact we were like new parents again checking on her every 2 seconds to make sure she was ok. She has a lot of nasal congestion. No drainage, just congestion. She really is noisy when she eats. I hope it is just a cold. If she is in a deep sleep you can't hear it. Anyway, we are going to get some breakfast. We will post again soon.


selkins04 said...

I'm so Happy for you guys! She is soooo Beautiful! Have fun, enjoy your time and have a safe trip home. Love, Steph, Cassie and Hunter

Auntie G said...

Glad you got there safely and are having a great time. The pictures are wonderful!!

kim & jason said...

ohh we are soo happy for you guys!! I almost had tears in my eyes just seeing your pictures,you all look so great!We are glad you arrived safely and just know you are in our thoughts an prayers!Have a great time!

NANA said...

She is beautiful! I am so glad you are all having a wonderful time! Kiss them both from me. Will keep you in our prayers. Love & Kisses & Hugs for all, NANA