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Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy 8 Months Nina Bonita!!!

She is 8 months old today. Please PGN be nice to us and start releasing files! Including ours!!! I emailed our foster mother friday and she said our interview was this week. We plan on calling her maybe sometime next week to see how it went. We have been hearing some horror stories of what the birthmothers have been put through during these interviews, or as some have called them, interrogations. Please pray that all goes well and hopefully we can move forward.

UPDATE***5/28*** I emailed our FM again to see if she had went yet and how it went, and we think she was stating that the interview is soon, but not yet scheduled. Translation can be a bit off sometimes(all of her emails are in spanish). She did tell us that she would email us after it has happened. So, were happy she at least knows about it, but for now, we wait some more.......D


Sandy said...

Happy 8 months, Kinsey! Praying that the birthmom interview goes off without a hitch and that you are home in your momma's arms forever VERY soon! Hugs!!

Pam L said...

So glad you have news of your BM interview! I'm praying that everything goes well! Things are starting to look up!
Happy 8 month birthday little Kinsey!

The gFamily said...

Happy 8 months sweet Kinsey! I am praying that the birthmother interview goes really well and that PGN will start releasing cases again! Praying you home, sweet Kinsey!!!