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Friday, July 11, 2008


Kainen had his 6th birthday the end of June. Birthdays are pretty important to us so we try to make it special. It is usually the one big party we have at our house over the summer. This year a storm was brewing in so we had to sing fast, eat cake and open presents then run inside for an hour. Once it came through, then we were back out to finish the party with swimming and playing. It is Kainen's day so we pretty much do whatever he wants. He wanted a Nintendo DS for his b-day because all the other kids had one(of course). We had told him that he was not getting one so he thought there was no way he would have one on his birthday. Here are some photos of his special day. The reaction of him opening his DS was a true in action snapshot. He was thrilled. He loves star Wars right now, so for a month or so all we heard about was a Darth Vador outfit. He wanted one so bad. So to his surprise he had told enough people about it because he recieved 2. So when I come home from work sometimes Darth is in the house. On his actual birthday( which was during the week) he woke up to special birthday pancakes. I can't believe how fast they grow up. He is my baby, even though he rolls his eyes at me when I say it. There is something special between a mama and her son that I can't explain.


Pam L said...

Happy birthday Kainen! Love the Darth Vador outfit!

Jennifer & Craig said...

Happy birthday Kainen! The pic w/the DS is priceless. Wait til he learns how to "connect" to his friends DSs!
Jen :)

Eric and Michelle said...

Happy Times!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday Kainen!!!!!! What an great surprise to get the nintendo!! Your parents are pretty awesome!!

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