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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just the two of us!

Well, this past Sunday Danny and I had a day out by ourselves. My birthday is the 20th so we spent the day together. All Colts season ticket holders were invited to see the new Lucas Oil Stadium they have built. They have been working on it for quite a while now and it is so nice to see it finally done. I of coarse forgot my camera which I was very mad about. I took some photos on my phone but they didn't turn out to good. It was amazing in there. My jaw dropped as I walked into the huge place. FYI there are over 1100 flat sreen tv's throughout the stadium. So no matter where you are you will not miss a play. I will post some photos throughout the season. Kainen and daddy are going to one of the pre-season games this weekend. After checking out the stadium we went to the pro shop and made some purchases. None for us of coarse but Kainen and Kinsey got a little something. We had dinner and then came home. It was a beautiful day to be in downtown Indy.

Today was Kainen's first day of 1st grade. I can't believe the years are just flying by. He was nervous about going until we met his teacher last night. He realized all of his Kindergarten friends were in there so he then got excited about it. It is weird to think I will have almost 7 hours to myself on my days off. I may get some stuff done. HEE HEE! Today is only a half day though, so I need to finish this post so I can meet him at the bus stop. Here is a pic of him this morning.


Beth said...

Happy birthday girl.

The gFamily said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Your little guy looked so handsome on his first day of school! He looks ready for his first grade year!!

You know I am still praying, praying, praying!!!!

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday! HOpe you have a fabulous day. Kainen looked adorable for school. They do grow up way too fast, don't they??

Pam L said...

Well, Happy Birthday! I know what would make a wonderful gift.......
....I think you do too! Looks like you and Danny had a great day. Kainen looks so cute with his back pack all ready to go. You'll have to make good use of those free hours while you've got 'em. You know, it won't be long until those hours are full again.........Prayin'

Steph said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I hope you are having a GREAT day!!

First grade?!?! WOW!!! He is such a cutie!

Of course, I am praying that your days will soon be filled up.