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Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh my goodness, Please Pray......

Ok Prayer warriors. You have some work to do. Our friends who are adopting baby Nola found out today that Nola was taken from her foster family by PGN. They do not know any details just that she has been taken by them and placed in an unknown orphanage. PLEASE PLEASE pray for Nola and her family. I can't imagine how they feel and WHY would they do this. Nola's parents live close to us and we have started this special bond with them and have met sweet Nola.

It is so hard to post these pics after hearing about our friends but maybe this will lighten the mood some. I know the grandparents want to see photos. Kinsey's party went well. Her FM brought her neice and 4 year old granddaughter. It was so nice to talk with them. We had some good cake and the 2 kids colored together. Even though they could not speak to eachother, they had no problem coloring together. Kinsey's face just lit up when Lilian walked in the room. It was so cute to see her get excited. She is very well loved by her FM. Well enough said here are some more pics.

Kinsey's birthday dress

Getting ready to cut the cake

Just me and my Papa

Get this silly hat off my head


Will and Aileen said...

How awful for baby Nola and her family! Praying that they find a quick solution and get that baby back where she belongs very soon.

Kinsey looks adorable in her birthday dress and it looks like a great party!

The gFamily said...

I am praying, praying, praying! My heart is breaking for sweet Nola!

Your little curly Q is just adorable in her birthday dress! She is just so pretty!! I love seeing you all together! It warms my heart!

Sending you big hugs as I know this time is stressful! I am praying so hard!!

Pam L said...

She just looks adorable in her birthday dress. I'm so glad everything went well! Tell Danny, the pointy hat thing works well for him;)
Thanks for the call to prayer. I know God knows how this is all going to turn out, I just wish He would hurry and share with us!

Hope the rest of your trip continues to be full of joy!

Eric and Michelle said...

I am praying for Pam...Kinsey looks adorable in her dress.

Steph said...

Oh no. This is terrible news. How frightening. Always praying.

I am so sorry you are both under the weather! YUCK. But, Kinsey looks just adorable in her b-day dress and her darling ringlets!! And, both of your children are just glowing together!