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Friday, October 24, 2008

The first time we ever saw your face...........

One year ago today was the day we receieved Kinsey's precious picture in the mail with her referral packet.
One year ago yesterday around 1pm, I was working on painting our hallway and foyer and Dan was in the office working. My cell phone rang and it was our coordinator HOlly calling to tell us she had some good news. It was our referral call. She told us about a little baby girl who was around 3 1/2 weeks old weighing just 5lbs. 8 oz. I was shaking and crying as I jotted down all the info she gave me. We we thrilled only waiting 9 short weeks to get the call. We were on cloud nine. That night we announced to our family that Kainen had a baby sister by having him wear this shirt.

The next day I had to work but we knew that Fedex was delivering our packet sometime that day. So around noon Dan called and said he was outside in the parking lot. I knew he had the pics. I left what I was doing and ran outside. I started crying when I opened the folder and saw her sweet face. She was perfect in every way. I couldn't even hardly concentrate the rest of the day. Here is her referral photo

Fast forward to today:

It feel like we are in such a mess with this adoption. Guatemala adds new rules and requirements that aren't even legal every day it seems like. If I only knew what the future held for these babies that didn't have the "illegal" second birthmother interview. Our BM came and had DNA testing (which was a match), she did the family court social worker interview way back when and signed POA for our attorney. Hello, what other proof do you need that she did not want to keep this baby. Now we sit and wait and wonder what "judge" our case may go to or if it is going to a judge. No-one really seems to know.

Sweet little one, we are so thankful for your foster family who loves you and takes wonderful care of you. We all love you so much and I wish I could just pack you up and bring you home to us. There are so many people who want to hold you and cuddle you. Until then Mommy, Daddy and Kainen will continue to come see you and fight with everything we have to bring you home. You were born in our hearts way before we ever saw your face and you are our daughter. If words could only express our deepest love for you. Kainen has been such a patient big brother and sleeps with the bunny he made you at Build-a-bear every night. He says he is keeping her with him until you can take over. One day, but until then we will enjoy and take in every moment we are able to share with you.



Sandy said...

Bring out the tissues.....My heart breaks for you and this horrible situation! Praying, praying, praying that God sends His answer...soon! Many, many hugs...

Pam L said...

Who knew what a crazy ride this journey would turn out to be when we signed on? But Oh, our little ones are soooooo worth it!
Yea, I was boohooing too. I know you are ready to get some good news and I hope it comes soon!
Prayin' our waits are almost over!

Will and Aileen said...

Referral day is definitley special. I remember Ariana's like it was yesterday. We are still praying for you to bring sweet Kinsey home soon.

Stacie said...

It's not fair that your daughter and the other waiting children aren't having their adoptions completed in a timely matter! Kinsey is so lucky to have you fighting to bring her home...keep the faith, you will bring her home!

Eric and Michelle said...

I am so sorry for the mess. Please Lord Jesus do above and beyond what we can ask or think.

Alicia and Jonathan said...

Thanks for sending me the link to your blog. Please keep me informed if you hear anything- this is so frustrating!!!