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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is everyone ready for Christmas?

Well, we are as much as we can be. Of course it is the obvious. We would love to have one more set of little feet toddling to the tree this year, but until then we will make the best of it. We have been hustling and bustling the past few weeks. We put our tree up later than usual this year due to being in Guat. Thank goodness we had 90% of our shopping already done prior to leaving. We have been making Gingerbread houses, cookies, and truffles the past few nights. Kainen loves to help with the sprinkles on the cookies. He cannot wait until Christmas morning. Though we continue to remind him often what the real meaning of it all is. We are going to make "Hot Fruit Punch" this year for Christmas. While in Guatemala this last time we were able to have some traditional home-made punch. They serve this during the holiday season. It had big chuncks of fruit in it and it was hot served like cider with a spoon. YUMMO! So, we wanted to incorporate it into our traditions. I have a recipe from one of my Guat. cookbooks if anyone wants it.
I have also made a shift change this past week. I have always worked 12 hour shifts but I just went to 4 10's. I get off at 5pm now instead of 9:30pm. I will be gone one extra day of the week but will always be home at night which will be nice for Kainen to have us both home at night. Plus working that additional day will keep me out of the mall. I tend to shop when I have big stretches off from work. Hee Hee!!

Last night we called our Fm. We had left a home-made video of us at home and such with Kinsey so she could watch it. Lilian said she plays it everyday (poor Lilian, the video is quite silly) to Kinsey and Kinsey trys to jump through the tv to get us. She giggled on the phone when we talked to her. Can't wait to see her again. She said the attorney's office had called and told her she may get a call to have to go to the judges office ( possibly for a hearing or something). She said she did not recieve a call yesterday like they had hoped so that means we are most likely waiting until the judge returns Jan 15th from vacation. Continue to keep us on your prayer list through the holidays. Especially baby Nola and the other few families we have that are waiting for some kind of word. We feel all your prayers. Here are a few more pics from our last trip.


Steph said...

Oooh, the punch sounds delicious! I love holiday traditions like this!

It sounds like your having a fun and busy holiday season.

That is soooo adorable that she watches the video. Just priceless.

Always praying!

The gFamily said...

That punch sounds yummy! I would love to have the recipe!!

That was such a great idea to leave a video of yourselves for Kinsey! I bet she LOVES watching it!

We pray everyday for sweet Kinsey to come home soon! I love seeing new pics of her! Her curls are so beautiful! I just want to squeeze her!!!

Eric and Michelle said...

The punch does sound yummy. I'll be praying for you guys.

Stacy said...

In prayer with you all the time to get your beautiful daughter home with you where she belongs. Jesus is watching over her!

Merry Christmas,

Will and Aileen said...

We made some Guatemala Christmas punch this year too! It was delicious. I wonder if it is similar. We're still praying for you guys to get good news very soon!

Steph said...

Hey Brit...from which cook book did you get the punch recipe?

Anonymous said...

Oh, please do share your recipe. Sounds YUMMY! Always praying for you and your sweet, sweet girl! I love the last pic;0)