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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Newspaper article on Guatemala adoptions.

This was posted in a Guat newspaper and translated by a Guatemala citizen. There are several different translations by different people, but this one makes the most sense. Some may not understand it all, but those that have adopted before will understand.

The CNA requested the Children and Adolescents Courts protection for over 200 children whose adoption files were not presented during the verification process done by PGN. In the past few days 832 similar requirements were made.
Elizabeth de Larios, CNA's president, commented the institution's worry for the safety of these children, so they came to several courts.
There is total of 1032 children that were not presented to the authorities by the attorneys in charge of their cases in 2008, when it was required the presence of the child and the birth mother to prove their familiarity and the mother's desire to give her child for adoption.
The CNA is still evaluating another 122 cases before requiring the placing of the minors. Among other things they have to verify if there is any duplicity in these files registers.
The judges recieved the addresses contributed by the attorneys to locate the children, who might be in danger.
A co-chairwoman from PGN, Florencia de León, informed that her unit's registers say they identified 43 children that were not presented for the verification process, for 27 of these cases they opened a judicial file.
She assured that those minors are located in particular homes or with foster mothers.
She also exposed that they are a process to purify their information to stablish why there is so many difference among CNA's cases.
Yesterday, about 30 adoption cases were filed to PGN to be evaluated in order to their approval, they all correspond to previous requests from 2008.
Nidia Aguilar, from Child Defense, hopes this year adoptions will be fast forward, so the number of completed adoptions increases.

We are in the judicial system, so I wonder if we are one of those 27 cases they refer to. Who knows. I will keep praying and stalking the computer with more news! 7 days til we hold Kinsey girl again.


Steph said...

Ya, I read that article and wondered about your case. It's confusing.

Derek and Jennifer said...

Oh come on... I sure hope someday very soon they can get their act together and get those babies home. I know there are some unethical things that happen in Guatemala but come on. There are so many cases that get caught up in all this because of a few bad ones.

Praying for you guys constantly...

Derek and Jennifer said...

Sorry for the rant in that comment. My heart hurts for your family and I just pray each day that your good news is coming soon. I look forward to the day we can celebrate with you on your homecoming!

Eva said...

Hi Brittney,
I am glad you found my posts useful, I try to post all of the newspaper articles related to adoption.
Yes, it is cold down here but not nearly as cold as it is in the US. After I saw all the snow you have we are in glory, though there are pretty strong winds. The weather institution said it would last 72 hours but who knows? lol
Have a great pick up trip, also if you need any help translating or anything let me know.

Pineapple Princess said...

Praying for you guys constantly. I'm so glad you get to see your beautiful daughter soon!

The gFamily said...

I agree with Steph, that article is confusing. I pray that it means Kinsey is coming home SOON!

I think about that curly haired cutie all the time, and I am so excited that you will be with her again soon! Praying!!

Margaret mom to Peter, and waiting for his sister said...

Our prayers are with you guys, hope great news comes soon.


Will and Aileen said...

We're still thinking of you and praying for progress toward bringing Kinsey home every day. I hope you enjoy your visit and get some much needed and well deserved good news while you are there.

Steph said...

Hey Brittney! I already had you on the list! ;)