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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Guatemala 900

We were unable to attend the Guatemala 900 march in Washington DC, but had some friends from our agency take some photos of the girls there with them to put on the Guatemala consulate steps. They lit 900 candles, one in honor of each child still waiting. There was a good turn out and the US is trying to see what they can do to move us all along.

We are leaving Saturday for Guatemala. I have made arrangements to go to PGN and possible the Judge ( if needed) to see when this "opinion" might make it to PGN's hands so we can move forward. Evidently there were some people signing off corrupt cases in PGN within the past 2 weeks and they were caught and arrested. So of coarse PGN is now even more strict with there approvals. I hate hate hate that there are still 900 children waiting to come home to waiting families and even more that are not even referred to families due to the shut down of the adoptions. Dan and I both know that God chose Kinsey for us. There were children referred to families before and after our referral and those babies are home now. God has set us on this journey and we are never giving up on her. If I could only sit down and tell you all the blessing we have had since this journey started. We have grown so much in our faith and all 3 of us know who comes first in our lives. One day Kainen was talking about everyone he loved and he said God first and then family. We were in the car when he told me this and I had tears of joy to be able to hear my 6 year old say those words.

I will some pics while we are there and of coarse any updates we might have.

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Michelle said...

Glad there was a good turn out. Have a safe trip. You have beautiful faith. How blessed your little girl is to have such a wonderful family praying and fighting and waiting for her!