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Friday, July 31, 2009

She asks for Mama and Papa........

Our fostermother said she was out at the supermarket with Kinsey and saw a boy that resembled Kainen. She got very excited and the boy came over to play with her. She went right to him and asked where Mama and Papa was? She got very upset when the boy had to leave and had to be distracted so he could leave. This of coarse made us very happy knowing she knows us and remembers us, but sad that she doesn't understand all of this. We also had a friend of ours call to tell our FM some things. Kinsey kept asking to talk to us thinking we were on the phone. She wouldn't take no for an answer and our friend, Eva had to talk to her so they could prove to Kinsey it was not us. I guess I got my confirmation that all of our visits have paid off. Nothing new worth reporting on the adoption front.

Also I have a funny converstion to tell you about. This was between me and my 5 year old niece. She spent last weekend with us and went shopping with me. We have never stopped trying to concieve on our own and was at the store to buy some ovulation sticks. Here it goes:

Brittney: (Picks up a box of ovulation sticks and heads to the checkout)

Grace: "Aunt Brittney, what are those for?"

Brittney: Uncle Danny and I are trying to get a baby in my belly"

Grace: (looking puzzled at me) Why don't you get 2 boxes? Don't you want to have 2 babies?

Brittney:(laughing) Oh, yes Gracie, but that is not exactly how it works.

She cracks me up. She was so serious too. She really made my day. Sometimes that is all I need to keep me going is good laugh from a child.


Steph said...

Oh wow. Yes, all of your visits are priceless.

What a funny story! I was in the store last year and saw this woman with her 6 or 7 year old son. She was buying maxipads and her son said "Are those big band-aids, mom?" So cute and funny!

The gFamily said...

It is so awesome to know that Kinsey loves and misses you all so much! So sweet!

Kids say the cutest things!! Thanks for sharing the cute story!

Will and Aileen said...

What a sweet story about Kinsey asking for you! How wonderful to know that she loves and misses you just like you love and miss her!

Your conversation with your niece has me laughing out loud. It sounds EXACTLY like something my niece would ask!