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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sorry so long since last post.

When we are with Kinsey, nothing seems to matter except our 2 kiddos. I should back up to last Monday and tell you that we showed up unannounced at our attorney's office. Basically that was the only place we ended up going to because our attorney's assistant had already went to the courts that past Friday and was going back that afternoon at 1pm to check on our resolution. We learned that the judge has 6 officials. Each official types up the resolutions and has to take his/her turn to have the judge sign them. When it was our officials turn, the judge found a typo on Kinsey's birth name and the date. It was sent back to be fixed. Instead of the official retyping it and going straight back to the judge, she waited til it was her turn again. Evidently having it be your turn again takes forever. Our official just had a baby too, so she is out of the office alot. They said they have to be very kind to the officials and not make them mad so they will get things moving. We called later that day and found out they were told it would be done this week and to check on Wednesday. Well, it is Sunday and I have not heard anything. We usually get updates from our agency on Monday's or Tuesday's so we shall see. This past week was our officials turn to have her things signed so I hope it got signed. We decided not to go to PGN because they are on hold until this signed resolution is in their hands. I will let you know. I guess I didn't feel like I had any good news to post so I wasn't in a huge hurry to post anything. Kinsey on the other hand is hilarious. I am the one that makes her belly laugh out loud and we play crazy games. But her Papa is the one she wants to console her and make her feel safe. She knows her body parts in Spanish and some English. She is a typical 2 year old. She is a sponge and takes everything in. I can't express enough how much she loves music and books. We painted her fingernails and toenails. When someone would ask her who painted her nails she would say "mama". It was soooo cute. Kinsey's FM gave us a huge vinyl banner about the size of me that said "Happy Birthday Kinsey" on it with all kinds of baby pics of her. It was supposed to be ready by her party,but it wasn't. She gave it to us to bring home. It is so nice. I think I am going to hang it up for all of her future birthdays. Going to a christian church in Guatemala was awesome. It felt like we were at home. Except for the plastic patio chairs the congregation sat in. They had a band that played the worship music and the words were on the screen on the wall. They were all in Spanish, but I somewhat got the jist of what we were singing. This was our FM niece's church. They have prayed weekly for our family about the adoption and were very excited to meet us and Kinsey. Before church started we all were in a circle and prayed for different requests including the adoption. There were a few English speaking people there so one young man sat with us and translated the sermon and the verses from the bible for us. It was great and overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. We had talked so many times about when we would get to take Kinsey to church. Too bad it wasn't in the states. She was clapping to the music and did very well during the sermon. I was tearful through so much of it though. I am emotional anyway. The best part was that we were all praising the same God. So what if we can't speak each others language. I felt God's presence there that day. After church they had a fellowship time. We ate flat corn tortilla's with some kind of red sauce spread on it topped with mozzarella cheese, juice, coffee, bread and cookies. The entire congregation welcomed us with hugs and kisses and we hope to go back again next time we are there. WOW! I guess I can say I would have never experienced all of these blessings if Kinsey was already home. Here is a pic of us at church and a hilarious video clip of her getting so excited about the music that played on her book we got her.


Steph said...

And so it goes...nobody has the same urgency as you! I am hoping you hear something this week that the resolution has been signed.

The connections you are making through this process will last a lifetime and are a precious gift for your family. I know it doesn't compare to having Kinsey home, but it is one positive thing to focus on, right?

Gardenia said...

praying for you and Kinsey and your family, and tht she will be home son. God bless.

The gFamily said...

I am so glad that you are able to see the positive aspects of the time you are in Guatemala!! You are developing a wonderful relationship with Kinsey's foster family! They sound so amazing and it is so neat that you will forever have a sign they made for Kinsey's birthday!

I love hearing her giggle and have so much fun!!! You can tell she loves playing with her mama!!

Thanks for the update! I pray you hear of something soon!

Eva said...

got to LOVE that video! Kinsey is such a doll baby!
love you guys!

Gardenia said...

llisten to her delightful little squeals of joy. how darling. you will cherish that video for ever and someday will show it to her and the two of you will giggle and you'll tell her all about your anticipation of bringing her home. God is in control!