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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Update from my trip

I have been a bad blogger. Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Our trip home was delayed too and then Kainen got sick on the last leg of the trip. It was a bit stressful and then with the holidays and work I just haven't felt like posting. I know your curious about what I learned at PGN, so here goes.

I went to PGN Monday morning at 9am before I had to head to the airport to fly out. I met with Alicia(attorney's assistant), Ludwin (someone who Alicia has asked to help us), and Mayra (our translator/adoption case helper). We all went in PGN together. I was told we were meeting with the PGN attorney, Nohemi. She has our file. I was told to tell her all about my relationship with Kinsey and how many times we have visited. Once arriving in her office, I didn't have to say too much. This is what I learned:

I have 2 files in PGN. One is with the investigator and one with the court section of PGN.

PGN attorney remembered our case and pulled our file. She showed us where she had made notes about our case in her BIG book of notes. There has to be a better way to chart and document on these cases.

She showed us where the judge had sent the preliminary resolution. So they do have that in our file. That was good news. BUT They don't have the "official" signed one from the judge yet. She said she was told by her boss to appeal our case to the judge to stall the case, but she knew that it would just get sent back to her so she waited a bit. Then she was pushed again by her boss to appeal the case, so she eventually sent a generic letter to the judge saying they needed more time. The judge sent back a nastygram saying to finish the case. Since she stalled, the time frame for an actual appeal expired. So PGN cannot appeal our case at all. The PGN attorney was very nice and you could tell she was frustrated with how things were being handled with these cases. At one point our case was moving out of investigations that day and Ludwin was told not to leave PGN until we were back upstairs to the normal PGN. I was thrilled....... I could barely stand it. Then once they all got to talking, they decided that they really needed the "official" resolution from the judge, because that is the legal one. The good news is that they can't appeal our case, they are all aware of the case and they were all very positive about the outcome. The investigator did look for the BM again without success. Court #2 is closed until Dec. 7th and that is where our resolution is. So everyone seems pretty hopeful that they will get it that day then we can get out of Minor's and back into the normal review process. The problem I have is that we have been trying to get this stinky paper since May and we still don't have it. There were typos and it was sent back to be fixed and still has not been released. They all work at a snails pace. They told me Jan or Feb Kinsey would be home, but unless a miracle happens, I am not so sure. There are still several steps needed to finish this case. Another future problem is that the US Embassy has halted all 2nd DNA testing on the babies until further notice. So, all the children right now that are done with PGN and are waiting for DNA testing, can't come home until the US gets their stuff together.

I did learn that Ludwin used to work at PGN for 12 years. He knows all the ropes and was a huge help during the meeting. This was a huge plus for us. Everyone exchanged numbers that day and are keeping in touch. Everyone was pleased with how things went. Of coarse I want to be completely done with everything, but at least I know things can't be held up by investigations.

For all the prayer warriors, here are some specific things to pray for:

The resolution gets released on Dec. 7 or 8 and sent to PGN.
The freeze for the 2nd DNA testing to be lifted.
Pray for the children left waiting to come home. Here are a few close to our hearts.
Nola, Olivia, Kayla, Lily, Melany, Hudson, Micah, Mateo, Meilani and Juan Pablo.
There are so many more that need your powerful prayers.
We stuffed 145 stockings and sent them to the orphanage Nola is in. It was very emotional to see all the different names on the stockings and know that they may never be matched with a family. Kainen was able to go with Pam to deliver the stockings. I am glad he was able to be part of that. I will post some pics of Kinsey at a later time. Just wanted to post an update about my PGN visit.


The gFamily said...

I have been thinking about you guys and checking the blog so often! Thanks for updating! The new info sounds promising! I will be praying for everything to come together! We pray for Kinsey to come home every night!! I can't wait to see pics from your visit!

Will and Aileen said...

Thank you for the specific things to pray for! We've been praying nightly for Kinsey (and Nola) to come home very soon, but it is nice to have something more specific to ask God:-) You're in our thoughts and prayers.

ameblog said...

Thanks for the detailed update, Brittney! I have been wondering about your visit to PGN and was hoping for some positive outcomes. I am thinking of you and praying for our daughters every day. It sounds like we really could be traveling together to bring our girls home. How wonderful that would be! Keep the faith!