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Monday, December 7, 2009

God Answers Prayers!

Two prayers have been answered since I last posted. I had recently asked for some specific prayer requests. I am happy to announce that Juan Pablo, one of the prayer babies as I call it, is coming home on Wed. He will be arriving in Indianapolis wed. night. Whoo-Hoo!!!!! Tears were in my eyes as I read his parents post on their blog.
And, the US Embassy has lifted the halt on the DNA testing. Praise God, Praise God!!!!!So, when we get to that step in the process, there should be no delays.

This is the week that we are hoping to hear that the infamous document gets where it needs to be in PGN.
And of coarse I had to put another pic on here of sweet Kinsey. She can count to 5 in Spanish and English now. They are really doing a great job working with her.


Will and Aileen said...

Hooray! Answered prayers! We'll keep praying for your documents to arrive at PGN immediately if not sooner and for PGN to release your case ASAP!

The gFamily said...

Giving a big, "PRAISE GOD!!!" I just get giddy when I hear of a child coming home to their family! YAY!!!! Thank you for sharing!

So glad too that DNA is being processed again!

Praying for your case to MOVE right along! Praying Kinsey home!! Love the new pic!! She is too cute!!!

Sandy said...

Yea!!!! Glad to hear of answered prayers and another baby coming home! Jeremy said he met you at the Colts game. Sooo jealous;0) Wish I'd have been there too. Thanks for introducing yourself to him;0)

Steph said...

Wonderful news!!!!!! I hope that God touches the hearts of the PGN workers and that paperwork is approved!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

YippEE!!! So happy to hear! I hope Kinsey gets home quickly too.