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Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have spent most of the morning reading blogs regarding the efforts to help Haiti with this crisis. With adoption so close to my heart, I started reading the blogs of the families that are in process to bring their children home. Some families do not know where their children are or if they are ok. They are pleading for any kind of news to the well being of the children. It breaks my heart. Most of the children are outside and the orphanages have ran out of water, formula and very basic supplies.
Joint council is working with the US government to try to issue Humanitarian Parole. This means that there would be no need for a visa and eliminate a lot of the paperwork since most of it was destroyed in the Earthquake.
The Haitian government has lifted all exit requirements. That is a huge deal. That means it is just up to our government to agree to let children who have been matched with families in and to come up with a plan to do so. This seems like a great plan, that is if the US agrees. I am sure you have been praying for Haiti. Please pray that the groups trying to help can get into Haiti with the necessary supplies and that any person that is trying to hear if their family members are ok, find out very soon.

Here are a few blogs I came across





The gFamily said...


Here is another blog. My heart is breaking for these families and the people of Haiti! Our entire church service was dedicated to Haiti today and it was very touching and helpful in knowing what we can do to help!

Will and Aileen said...

I have had Haiti heavy on my heart all week as well. Thank you for sharing these blogs. We will continue to pray.