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Thursday, October 14, 2010

File with the Attorney General

So I called PGN today and I was told that my file was with the Procurador. That is the fancy name for the Attorney General. We have officially passed reviewer number 2. The PGN lady goes on to tell me that our file will be ready for pickup soon. I asked if we had a Previo(Kickout) or were we approved. She said " one moment they didn't tell me that." She came back to the phone and this is how it went.

PGN: Mrs. Reyher you have no previos.

Me: Did you say No previos?

PGN: No Previos

Me: DO you mean No Previos?

PGN: Yes, No previos

Me: Still not believing it I say, Really No previos?

PGN: Your file will need photocopied and then it will be ready for pickup.

WOW! Could this really be happening? We are so guarded that part of me is so scared to be dancing from the rooftops. We are thrilled of this news and hope and pray that it is true. Kinsey could be home in the next few months. For the prayer warriors, would you specifically pray for our lawyer situation. We have had to do some switching around with some people and some new papers had to be filled out. Pray that these things do not delay the case once it is out of PGN.

Keep you all posted on any new news we learn.


Yesenia said...

Great news!!!!!! Hopiing and praying!!!!!

The gFamily said...

I have goosebumps all over!!! I am so excited!! I am praying that she will be home VERY soon!!! I can't wait to tell my kids in the morning that our prayer for Kinsey is being answered!!! :)

Aileen said...

Oh, I so hope that news is accurate!!! We will be praying!

Anonymous said...

I completely understand your hesitancy....PRAYING that it is TRUE!!!! Keep us updated;0) Hugs!!!!!

Beth said...

Oh PRAISE GOD!!!! Thank you Jesus! I am so excited for you guys. I will, definitely, keep praying. WWWOOOHHHOOOO!!!!!

Steph said...

Any news?????????? I am stalking your blog...