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Monday, March 7, 2011


DNA arrived in the US this morning. The lab said they could have results sent out this Wednesday to head to Guatemala. She said they should arrive on Friday. I will start stalking my new Embassy friend on Friday about getting me an appointment ASAP since we are here already. We still have to do Kinsey's final doctor appointment, but that can't happen until the Visa appt. has been issued. My goal is still to be home by the 17th or 18th. Since this week is just a hang out and wait week, we went to the mall and the grocery store again. We rode the carousel 2 times in a row. Good thing I had not ate lunch yet. I don't do spinning things very well anymore. She had a great time. Gabe gets a lot of attention when we go out because American babies aren't too common around here. Everyone stops to talk to him and he always puts on a show for them. I was thrilled today when I saw a Quizno's in the mall. I had been craving a sub and a cinnamon roll. They also had a Cinnabon. I was in heaven!! It doesn't take much to excite me these days. There is a new amusement park we are going to check out later in the week. Our friend here has invited us and it is supposed to be a lot of fun. It has a zoo, pools and rides. Just trying to pass the time. We plan on a final trip to Antigua maybe this weekend. I love it there and we can't wait to share it with Danny's mom. It is the heart of Guatemala and that is where I feel the most safe and where you really see the culture. I bet you can't carry a whole crate of coca-cola bottles on your head with no hands. I saw a woman doing that last time I was there. Crazy!!! I will try to post some more pics of the kids later.


Hope said...

Sounds like everything is moving right along~ finally! I'm so glad that you are able to get out and about. I'm sure that it helps to pass the time! Carter just got home from going to the movies with Danny and Kainen. Can't wait to see you! Praying that you will be here by the middle of next week.

Beth said...

Wow!! Sounds like you guys are going to have fun this week!! Praying for you guys.

Stacy said...

So happy you are finally almost done! We adopted our daughter from Guatemala almost 3 years ago, and spent 6 weeks in Antigua. I LOVE it there. Have a great time, can't wait to see the pictures. I am in Colombia now picking up our 2nd daughter, but I miss Guatemala, hope to return someday! Blessings to you all.

Yesenia said...

Thanks for the comment - feel free to advocate for us at RENAP if you have time :)

Great news that things are moving forward for you! Enjoy your time and can't wait to hear the good PINK news!!!!

Deb said...

Are you going to IRTRA? We were at the GC location in January 2009. The zoo was not so good- but interesting to see raccons as zoo animals. The pool was COLD!!!- but lovely and the rides and park were wonderful. I know there is one in Rehu too - much bigger and the signs were up for the improvements that were being started.

Praying for homecoming next week.

Love and hugs,