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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The time has come.

I am officially going to end this blog and start our new journey on our family blog. It is a private blog and if you are not already a viewer I can send you an invite. Just leave a comment letting me know you need invited with your email address. I will check here often so I can get everyone added who has followed our family's journey to Kinsey. It feels so weird ending this. It was like my online diary in a way. I am planning to turn it into a book so we can show it to her when she is older.

Kinsey has been home for almost 2 months now and is doing better everyday. She has officially went with her Nana on a trip to her house for a few hours. No tears! She wanted to go back. And she went with the neighbor for awhile today to play with no problems. Her English is improving. She spoke with our friend in Guatemala the other day and she could not make out anything Kinsey said unless it was in English. Kinsey's spanish is less frequent. It makes me sad but we just don't speak it fluently. She still says some small phrases, but mostly English words.

Hope you all decide to continue to follow this crazy family as we adjust to life as a family of 5!!!


Hope said...

So happy that you can focus on the family blog now. I will be thinking of you as you go back to work this week. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day with all of your kids!

ANGIE..... said...

Please invite me!!! I would LOVE to continue to follow your blog~ my e-mail is ahasekamp@centurytel.net
Thanks, Angie

Boo said...

I would like to follow your new blog. :)


Lucas' Mom said...

Please invite me as I would love to continue to follow.
I wish you all well and am so happy that she is FINALLY home and you guys are able to move forward with big smiles and no more worries!!

jessica said...


I think I already follow your other blog... The one you started when Gabe came home.

But just incase that is not the blog you are referring to, my email is:


Wishing you all the best.

Nicole Saucier said...

So happy to see your family all together!! I have a daughter born in Guat the same age as Kinsey and a 15 month old we adopted domestically. We couldnt be happier! I would love to continue to follow your blog. My email is steppinout@onecommail.com. Thanks,Nicole

Stacie said...

Would love an invite~

JoAnn said...

Please put me on your list. Thanks,

Delilah said...

I would love to follow you on your new blog. Thanks,Delilah
PS. We have adopted three children from Guat. We live in Iowa

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

I hope you are still checking your blog. I would love to be able to follow your family as they grow. I have followed your journey and am sooo happy Kinsey has made it home. Praying for all those still theres.

The Bradford Family said...

Have enjoyed following your journey and I am so happy you are all together! Would enjoy keeping up!

Michelle said...

I have been away from blogs far too long!!!!! Praising Jesus that your girl FINALLY made it home!!!! We are getting closer to finalization too. What an incredible journey. So very very happy for your family!!!! Love love love your book idea about the blog. I would love to know how you do that!!!!

Blessings to you guys!!!!Kinsey is still on my prayer board....now praise board.

Prof. Mike Strahan said...

Please contact me regarding your new blog.