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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Checked on Kinsey

We called Lilian our FM last night to check on Kinsey. There was a horrible connection and we had to call a total of 3 times to talk. She said Kinsey was watching tv. That cracks me up! We noticed on our visit trip that she would look at the tv whenever it was on. At one point we turned it off so we could get her attention. She said that Kinsey acted like she missed us when she got home with her. That is always nice to hear. We probably spoiled her! She took her to an ENT doctor for a stuffy nose last week. She is on some allergy medicine for 1 month. She said she weighed 14 lbs. She keeps growing and growing. She is now able to lay on her belly and lift her head up high she said. She could do that on the visit trip but she did not like it much. Maybe she is giving her more belly time. Anyway, not much else going on. No news for 2 weeks now. Still waiting to get PA and out of family court. Have a great day! Today is family fun day at our house.


Sandy said...

Sounds like Kinsey is doing well. Enjoy family fun day! What a great idea!

Auntie G said...

How nice to get a good report. Hope you get good news about PA and family court soon.

Nancy Orman said...

Love coming to your site and looking at all the pictures of Kinsey. She is beautiful! She
looks like such a happy baby.
Keep the pics coming. Hope to see
her soon! Love your family from
Bloomfield. Nancy, Ed and Makalah