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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Glad to see Kainen, but miss Kinsey girl

Hola! We are back home safely. We got in last night. Kainen was supposed to stay with my mom last night and we were going to pick him up today, but I couldn't stand it. We scooped the poor kid up at 12:15pm off the couch and put him in his seat. He was so tired. I even sat in the back seat with him so he could rest his head on my shoulder. I know I am a bit crazy sometimes, but I really missed the little guy. He crawled in bed with me this morning and wrapped his arms around my neck and fell back asleep. It was so cute. I don't care how old he is, he is still Mommy's boy.

Yesterday was much more difficult for me this time around. Danny did better this time, thank goodness. We always seem to compliment eachother. Thank goodness. I would hate to see us both a wreck.

We had a great time with all of our FTIA families. We had a great Guatemalan dinner in the city our last night with our friends Steph, Jason and little Eli. Thank goodness they spoke some Spanish because I had not a clue what they were saying. Here is a pic from dinner.

We also met Missy, Jerry and baby Shayla. They are also from our agency. Shayla is 10 days older than Kinsey. Here is a photo of them together.

I will post pictures of Easter in Antigua soon.
Kinsey is 6 months old today. We will be back to get you soon. We love you....

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The gFamily said...

Thinking of you as I know part of your heart is still in Guatemala! I loved reading about your trip and looking at all the pics! It looks like you had a WONDERFUL time! It is such a beautiful country!! Kinsey is SO beautiful! I love her eyes and how her little curls just sit on her head so perfectly!