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Friday, April 4, 2008

Kainen and Kinsey have been tagged.......

by Eli, http://www.journeytoeli.blogspot.com/. You are supposed to say 10 things random about yourself, so here it goes.....

1. My name is Kainen Daniel and I will be 6 years old in June.

2. I have been the only child so far and am very spoiled. I am learning though that I can't always get what I want. I definetly try though. I am very persuasive.

3. I love sports. I play baseball, football and am very competetive. I am learning that it is ok if I don't win everytime.

4. I am a mommy's boy. My favorite thing to do is lay in her bed after a bath at night with her and watch tv. Dad usually comes in and puts me to bed. I never get to stay all night but I enjoy my time with mom.

5. I love lego's right now. I love building things with dad.

6. I have a school day ritual and I get very upset if it is broken. I wake up at 8:30, eat breakfast and watch Curious George at 9am. I go to school at 12pm and get off the bus at 2:45pm. I then eat a snack and watch the same Curious George as the 9am one at 3pm. I must do this everyday. I absolutely love George.

7. I am learning to read. I read mom and dad 2 Dr. Seuss books with little help. Mom giggles when I try to sound out words. She says it is soooo cute. They say I am doing really well.

8. I love waffles. I would eat them everyday if I could.

9. I went to the zoo yesterday with my Mama and mommy. It was really fun. I loved the monkeys and the dolphin show. It was a great day.

10. I have a monkey named Marvin I made at build a bear in November. Marvin goes everywhere with me. He even went to Guatemala to see my sister. He must wear his seatbelt in the car and sleeps with me every night. He is my special friend.

1. My name is Kinsey Avan Maria, I am 6 months and 1 week old.

2. I love to giggle and love to laugh at mom and dad's silly faces

3. I only cry when I am tired, but even then I just wimper. Never really scream out. I am saving that for when I come home to the USA to be with my family.

4. I have started eating cereal and baby food. Not too fond of prunes. Mommy tried to feed them to me. I ate them but my faces let her know they were not that great.

5. I am petite, but I take after my mommy. I have big chunky thighs like her. hee hee!!

6. Daddy, well I have him wrapped around my finger. I smile and he melts. I wimper, he is right there to pick me up. Oh, how wonderful life is.....

7. I sleep well too. I go to bed at 7pm on the dot. Don't try to keep me out late because I want to be in my Jams in my crib by 7. No exceptions. I sleep until around 2am and then take another feeding and sleep til about 6am. I wake up happy as always.

8. I can't quite roll over yet, but soon I should be. I really have no desire too. Maybe when I really want a toy I might try it.

9. I miss my family... Lilian my fostermother plays a recorder to me 3 times a day so I can hear mommy singing and daddy reading me a story. Lilian tells Mommy and Daddy that I miss them for me.

10. I can't wait to come to America to be with my bubby. He is pretty silly. I have only met him once. But soon I will see him again and then the fun begins. I will be all into his stuff like little sisters do. THat will be great..........


Steph said...

It's so great to learn more about you, Kainen!! I can tell you are already a GREAT big brother!!

Kinsey, we also can't wait to hear that you are coming home! Your family loves you very much!!

And, Eli loved his b-day present!! Thank you!

Victoria & Joe said...

Kinsey is gorgeous... I am so glad it worked out for you to go back.. I sure know I am ready for another trip already also..

Bobbi said...

What a beautiful family. Hope she is home soon.