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Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Pictures!

Here are some new pics of our little Nina Bonita(beautiful baby girl). She looks very well and our coordinator says she is much better! YAY! These were taken this past Tuesday, so they are very up to date. As for the PGN, well, I really don't know what to say. The new PGN is requiring things that they never did before and those of us that are left are feeling the brunt! We have heard that things are still moving along in there, but nobodys file has been released for well over 2 weeks. We may have another few weeks before we start to see cases being approved and actually leaving the PGN building. Our agency did prepare us that we might not see anything on our cases for another 6-8 weeks. NOOOOO!!!! So for now, we wait, and pray, and wait, and pray.........and wait some more.


The gFamily said...

She is muy bonita!! What a sweet face she has! I am so glad she is feeling better!!

Thinking of you and praying!!

Pam L said...

I'm so glad that your updated photos were taken recently. Now you can see with your own eyes that your little Kinsey is looking very healthy. I'm so happy that you can breath a little easier now. We have to pray each other through this crazy time that is ahead of us, but I know God's going to carry us through!

Victoria & Joe said...

She looks absolutely perfect to me... So glad to hear she is feeling better

Stacie said...


Your daughter is so cute. I'm waiting to bring home my daughter as well. We have very close time lines...so I have been lurking around a bit on yours. I posted my blog below. I hope we all hear some knews about out's soon!


Eric and Michelle said...

What a beautiful little girl!