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Monday, May 5, 2008

Resubmitted to PGN

We got word that we are back in PGN as of April 30th. That is great , but PGN is not processing cases right now. THey haven't been for almost 2 weeks and it looks like they aren't releasing any of our files. They have not said when they will reopen the process. So, everyone's children are sitting down there without their forever families. There are some issues that the President of GUatemala wants straightened out before they continue them. Just another delay. Truthfully, I am about to my max. One day I am fine, the next I am a mess. I know everyone has their own story to tell. I am just venting a bit. I pray that PGN opens their doors and sends everyone sailing out, but I don't think that is the case right now. Anyway, as soon as I hear about Kinsey's health update, we will let you all know. We hope to get one soon. They were going to check on her for us.

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Steph said...

Well, that is wonderful that you have been resubmitted. The delays and the uncertainties are just unbearable some days. This process certainly forces you to find a strength unlike any other. I am so sorry you are stuck in this mess, but I am hoping and praying that things speed up soon.

Huge ((((HUGS)))) to you.