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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Please Pray, Our Kinsey is sick!

We received a call from our agency today stating that Kinsey had been taken to the doctor and was on respiratory treatments and was not to leave the house. They advised us to call and check on her if we could. Of coarse I was at work when Danny called me. I was flipping out. Being a nurse does not help sometimes. After a call by our translator we learned that she had been running a fever and had a cough. She is on 3 medications and is seeing another doctor tomorrow. Our FM did say that she is doing better and has not been running a fever at this time. WHat I really want to do is catch the next plane to Guat. and hold her in my arms, I know she is in good care, but the mom and nurse in me wants to take matters into my own hands. ( It must be the control freak in me). I am a bit concerned though because the 2 times we visited she was very congested. I did listen to her lungs in March( yes, I did have my stethoscope) and they were clear, all the congestion was in her upper airway. Anyway, I am rambling on because that is what I do best. As if I have anything else to do with my time except to worry about every little thing going on. To me Kinsey on Respiratory treatments is a big deal because I am not there to see it first hand.

Adoption news:
We heard today that we were supposed to be resubmitted to PGN on the 29th. If so, please pray for PGN to resume processing cases, pray for a quick out and most importantly Miss Kinsey is well and healthy. Thanks so much........Britt


Sandy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. It's hard enough waiting this process out, but when your baby girl is sick. UGH! Hope she continues to improve. I know what you mean about catching the next plane down to Guatemala. On our first visit to see Isabelle she was a mess. I left Jeremy in Guatemala to meet with the dr and Carlos and headed back home with the other kids. Unfortunately, they had to hospitalize Isabelle for IV antibiotics. It must have been God's will for me to leave Jeremy there, because I never would have left Guatemala with her being in the hospital (the mom, nurse, and control freak in me!)! Anyway, praying for little Kinsey...and mom and dad!

Beth said...

All of our love and prayers go to you and Kinsey. I can't even imagine how you are feeling, but the mom in me kind of does. I am so sorry. I hope pgn goes so quickly your head will spin and you get that sweet little girl in your arms before you know it. Let me know if I can help in any way (even to lend an ear or a shoulder).

Jennifer & Craig said...

Praying for little Kinsey & for this PGN mess to be worked out quickly.
Hugs, Jen

The gFamily said...

I am praying for Kinsey to get better very soon! I hope that your next call down will be all good news and she will be completely better!! I am also praying that the PGN stuff will be worked out very soon as well!

Sending big hugs to you!

Steph said...

Oh no! Many prayers for Kinsey's health and your peace of mind. I am also hoping for some good PGN news very soon.