**Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain.**

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Birthmother interview a No Go!

We called our FM friday night and she said our BM did not show up for the interview on the 5th. I guess there were heavy rains and mudslides around the town she lives. They are saying that is probably the reason. She has always came to all the necessary appointments for the adoption, so I am hopeful this is why she didn't come. So now we have to wait for PGN to reschedule it at their convenience. What a bummer. I was upset after the call and then that night it rained so heavy our city was under a state of emergency for flooding and no-one could get out of our subdivision due to the flooding and there were people being evacuated all over. Even the mall was closed. It was crazy! Sooooo, I guess I can't be upset if the heavy rains caused her not to travel the long distance to Guat. City. Isn't it funny how God has to show you sometimes before you can understand things. (Such as the flooding)....

Well the positive news we got out of that phone call was that Kinsey has 2 teeth. WOW! I was so surprised. She also said she is eating well and smiles when shown our photos. She is 18lbs. now. She gained 2.2lbs. in approx 2 months. She likes her food I guess. SO, all you prayer warriors, start those birthmother interview prayers again for round two. And don't forget all those other families inpatiently waiting like us to get our babies home.


Pam L said...

I've been checking several times a day to see if you had posted any news on the Birthmother Interview. I'm so sorry to hear she couldn't show up! Hopefully you will get a quick reschedule.
Hope you guys weren't affected too much by the rain. I know we've sure had more than our share!
I'm prayin' for a good week ahead for all of us!
I've just had to give this all up to God. And I shouldn't be surprised to say, I really feel so much better this evening. Not a "I know we're gonna have good news tomorrow" kind of feeling, but a very relaxed calm sort of feeling. I sometimes focus too much on what I don't have rather than on what I have.
We're going to get through this :)

Sandy said...

Hmmm...God has a sense of humor, huh? Seriously, though praying that the bm is safe and that the interview is completed asap. We want Kinsey to come home!

Steph said...

Oh Brittney, I am so sorry for yet another delay. You have such wonderful perspective, but I know your heart is still aching. Hopefully it can be rescheduled soon and the BM can safely get into the city.

I agree with Pam. Once I started "letting go", I definitely felt a different sort of calm. And, you will get through this. God has an amazing way of granting us strength and helping to lift some of the burden, if even for a moment.