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Monday, April 6, 2009

Creation Museum and Adoption News

Kainen is on Spring Break this week and we took a 2 day trip to the Cincinatti area and visited the Creation Museum. If you have never been, you have to go. It is awesome. It talks about Evolution vs. Creation. They have a ton of stuff to see and learn about. Kainen's little wheels in his head have been spinning since the trip. He had lots of questions afterwards. He has learned about Creation and Noah's Ark and such during sunday school, but to see it like they have it set up was really eye opening to him. It takes approx 2-3 hours to do everything. There is a garden to walk through and a petting zoo with some of God's animals. Danny and I both enjoyed it as well and we learned a few things ourselves. THey have some "cafes" to eat at if you want and they were very reasonable. All I have to say is you have to go check it out. Here are a few pics from the visit.

Adoption news

Well, We had not heard anything for so long that we decided to take some action. Our friend Pam is in the same situation as us except her daughter was taken and sent to an orphange this past September. We decided to take a trip to Guatemala in 3 weeks. We had obtained lots of contact info, recieved the judge's phone number and such. We were so ready to fight fight fight for our babies home. Well this morning we got an email with all kinds of info. I will let you read Pam's news on her blog. Click on the "Journey to Nola" link on my sidebar. Well our news is this: Our attorney is under the assumption that our investigation has been completed though he does not have proof in his hands. The judge requested last week a copy of the POA that our BM signed and that was submitted last week. Once the judge has the investigation report ( which they are saying is done) then she will schedule a hearing for her resolution. You need to read Pam's blog for her news because she has the same lawyer and judge as us. So, the good news is that someone is viewing our case. THe stinky news is we need a hearing set and we don't have a date yet. Our agency is calling the judge tomorrow to see if there is any news they can obtain for us. We shall see. So yes, Pam and I are still going in a few weeks, but there may not be anything we can do if we have a hearing date set by the time we go. So it may just be a visit with Kinsey. Which is fine with me too. Keep you all posted.


Michelle said...

That sounds promising :)

Steph said...

Well, thank goodness for some news. Now, let's hope that hearing is scheduled very soon. I am so happy you will be holding sweet Kinsey very soon. Always praying and thinking of your sweet family.

Will and Aileen said...

Hope your hearing date happens sooner rather than later. Your family, and especially Kinsey, are in our prayers every single night.

Stacie said...

Keep me posted. I'm so glad you will be able to go to Guatemala and start pushing for some answers and hopefully receive some answers as well. I will be praying that you have a hearing that happens really soon! Please let me know if you need any help or contact info while in Guatemala.
Good Luck!

Steph said...

Just read your comment. Let me tell you, I am crying just thinking of when YOU get that call. It will come and it will be one of the most amazing moments of your life. It will come. I want you to have that moment so badly.

K Leclercq said...

Congratulations on some forward movement with adoption. So great that you are going to Guatemala in a few weeks! I think of you guys often!