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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moms On A Mission

Well, Pam and I leave in the wee hours of the morning for our Guatemala trip. Initially weeks ago, we decided to go fight for movement on our cases and actually go to the judges office and PGN to see what the hold up was. After we purchased our tickets, we started getting all kinds of news. Pam finally got a court date for Nola which is still a bit ways away in August and we heard the judge has our PGN report. We have yet to actually get the report in our hands but they say they have confirmed that is it done and in the judges hands. So, we still sit and wait for some more news.

Our goal for our trip is to try to have Pam see Nola somehow. It has been 6 1/2 long months that she has heard nothing about her sweet angel. Please say a prayer for her and for our trip. Pray that we have a safe and productive trip. I will post pics of Kinsey while down there and keep you all posted about any other news we have.

There is another family who I would like to remember. THey are with our agency. They too did not have the second birthmother interview but PGN just recently found the birthmother and she consented for the adoption to proceed. This was such great news to hear and we were all happy for their family because PGN would soon release the case and the child would come home. Well yesterday they found out that the CNA is convincing PGN not to release any cases. SO, now they are up in limbo again not knowing what is going on. CNA is the council created who will be in charge of adoptions once they start again. I have know idea what this means. GUatemala's adoption process has went to bad to very bad very fast.


Steph said...

Have a wonderful trip loving on that sweet girl and we will be sending lots of prayers for some answers and, most importantly, movement in the right direction.

Michelle said...

still praying...

The gFamily said...

Have so much fun hugging and kissing on that sweet curly headed little girl!! I can't wait to see new pics of Kinsey!!

I am praying, praying, praying for you and Pam! Keep us updated!! Big hugs to you!!

Eva said...

I suppose you are already in Guate by now. I wrote to Pam yesterday but I am not sure she read my email.
Hope you have a wonderful time while you are here and also get your cases to move forward and that both of you get to see and hold your angels again. Take care

Sandy said...

Have a great trip. HOpe you girls are able to get some info on your case.