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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Early Morning!! Sick family!!!

Well, I have been up with Kainen since 4 am. He has been on the toilet with diarrhea and vomiting at the same time. My poor baby! I hate when he is sick. Especially when we are thousands of miles away from home. He has been rolling all over the bed with stomach pain. I hope it is just a bug and not something more serious. Danny too is not feeling well. He says his is more jet lag and not sleeping well. Me and Kinsey on the other hand are doing fine. She has been all smiles and just loves to play with Kainen. Though he is not up to par this morning.


Steph said...

Oh no! Your poor boys! I hope everyone is feeling better today. That just stinks.

Kinsey looks so stinkin' adorable!!! SO glad you are all together again!

Sandy said...

Oh, poor Kainen! Hope he's feeling better.
Kinsey is sooooo pretty!!! Hope you are enjoying loving your girl!

Stacie said...

Kinsey looks wonderful!
Hope everyone is on the mend soon...no fun being sick especially in another Country.
I'm sure our enjoying every minute with Kinsey!

Feel Better soon!

Pam L said...

Oh, I hope everyone's better tomorrow!
And by the way, the headband is very cute! How did you manage to find that in that massive bag of hair accessories?
Praying for some quick healing so you can all enjoy your time together!

Michelle said...

I hope they feel better soon. Enjoy your girl

Will and Aileen said...

Hope Kainen is feeling better very soon. Kinsey girl is adorable as always and I love the pics of her "feeding" her babies.

Kristin Vanzant said...

SO great to meet your sweet family at the Barcelo tonight. Kinsey is just precious!

Praying for you all... let us know how Wednesday goes.


Kristin Vanzant