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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mama's braggin post!

Every mom should be able to brag about her kids atleast once right? Kainen has been very busy the past few months. He absolutely loves sports! He has been taking tennis lessons since March and just finished. He has seemed to pick up the basics of tennis quickly and even taught me a few things. He is now playing baseball. Well his Mama played softball in high school so she loooovvveess to watch him play. Usually they play very basic rules since most of the kids are just learning. They only get to run to one base and always throw it to 1st base. They never keep score or track of the outs. Monday night they played a "real" game. Kainen was thrilled. He hit a line drive over the short-stops head out to the outfield. He ended up hitting a home run. It was so exciting. I am so gonna be one of those Mama's that are loud during the games. Poor Poor Danny!!!! Kainen slid into home and tried to act all relaxed about it. It was sooo funny. He did a really good job. SO, I wanted to post a few pics from baseball and tennis lessons.

Nothing new on the adoption front. Still waiting on PGN. We have heard our case is still in the Minor's section of PGN waitin to be sent through the "normal" review process. Who really knows. All I know is that the big mountain that was holding us up for almost a year is now gone. We did learn from reading the judges resolution that the investigation that was done to look for the birthmother was NOT NECESSARY!!
Wonderful huh? Keep you posted on that subject.


Pam L said...

Way to go Kainen!! Looks like you're getting a sport for every season. I'm looking forward to the football and basketball pictures. Have Fun!!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Praying for those babies to get home.

Wow, tennis lessons,,,that's great. Too much running for me.