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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer pics

Wanted to share a quick slideshow of pictures of things we have done in the past few weeks. Even though we pray and think of Kinsey every single day, our lives do have to go on and we have a fantastic 7 year old that we are blessed with every day. He is so funny at this age. He asked me one morning if I was going to wear what I had on to take him to school. I said absolutely! He was embarrased, but I don't even get out of the car so why get all dressed up right? He is in 2nd grade. He is playing football for the fall. This will be his 3rd year. And he loves baseball.
A few weeks ago we went to Wrigley field for a Cubs game. Danny's cousin Meredith met us there and we stayed 2 nights in Chicago and also went to Legoland. We had a blast. If you have never been to Legoland you need to check it out. They have a lot to do and see and it is amazing how they build some of these things out of Legos. And of coarse they had a Lego store at the end. THe adults enjoyed it just as much as the Kainen. A few of the pics from Legoland are sideways. One of them is darth vader from Star Wars. His head was cut off when I made the slideshow. This was Kainen's favorite piece made out of Legos. I also put in a few pics from the birthday party my parents had for me last weekend. We celebrated August birthdays along with my grandma's whos is Sept 4. It was an absolute great day. My mother in law made a small blanket with Kinsey's name on it for when we go on our visit trips. It is for us to cuddle her with and have her sleep with while we are there and then bring it back with her scent on it so we can remember her until next time. It is kinda funny that she thought of this because we do try to not wash some things that she has worn or had with her while she sleeps so we can smell her. Kinsey is talking more and saying some english words to. She says "luv you" and "night" for good night when we end our phone calls. It is cute. Can't wait to give you all some good news about the case. It has been a while since we have had some good news. I hope everyone has had a great summer break.


Eva said...

Hello! Great pics! I am glad you had a good time! I've been missing u!
Happy belated Bday Brittney! Big hugs for all! :D

Steph said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Great pictures! The legos sound like so much fun!