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Friday, September 25, 2009

Manana, Manana, Te Amo, Manana

That is the song that we sing the day before we leave to see Kinsey!!! Yes, we are going down for her 2nd birthday. We are one day away from holding her again. We are having a birthday party tomorrow at the hotel after we arrive. There will be several people there including most of her foster family. Kainen will stay here due to school. His grandparents already have tons of fun things planned for him so he probably won't miss us much. We skype several times a day too, so that really helps. Kinsey is on a new medicine regimen. She is seeing a new doctor and had several tests ran. She had bilateral pneumonia a few weeks ago, shortly after she was out of the hospital for the second time. She was taken off milk and put on soy. She was taken off her antibiotics too. Her labs came back showing she didn't have much of an immunity. Everything on her labs were low. The doctor thinks it may have been from the other doctor putting her on so many antibiotics in such a short time. She has to drink this immunity boosting stuff for 2 months. She is also on a new inhaler and some other meds. She is soooo much better. They say she is pink and has more energy and is not sick at this time. I am thankful for that. I don't know what she looked like while she was sick, but it must have been pretty bad because the fosterfamily is very very happy she is so much better.

While I am there I am once again am going to PGN and the courts to see what the hold up is. Some of our hard work has paid off though. Adoptive families had several state representatives and senators sign a letter to Hilary Clinton urging her to do something about the delays in Guatemala. She evidentally did something because it is all over the news and radios in Guatemala that the government is feeling pressure from the US on getting the adoptions completed. Our fosterfamily said they heard Hilary gave them a deadline of december. Now we all know that Guatemala time is like a snails pace. PGN has developed this "new" unit to try to finish cases quicker. Well if they had been doing it in a timely manner to begin with we wouldn't need to try to create a NEW unit. HELLO!!!!!! Anyway, I will try to post some photos while we are there. Have a great weekend.


~Waiting for Olivia~ said...

I just ran across your blog and saw that your going on a birthday visit with your daughter! We'll be doing that in November, our daughter will be turning 4.
I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip. What hotel do you stay at? We stay at the Grand Tikal and I plan to do the birthday party at the hotel with the foster family on the Sat. we arrive too. Please let me know how yours goes!
If you want to know our story, here's the link to our blog page: http://livvysfamily.blogspot.com/
Hope things move along quickly for you. Have a great trip!

Will and Aileen said...

I am so happy that you get to see Kinsey on her birthday! I hope you have a wonderful trip and that somebody down there can give you some answers already about when your sweet baby can come home! Also glad to hear that the new medicines are making her feel so much better! Can't wait to see pics!

Yesenia said...

It seems like a bunch of us are converging on Guatemala to try and get answers. I am heading down in 2 weeks!

Enjoy the birthday celebration and I am thrilled that Kinsey is doing better.

Gardenia said...

I've seen the letter sent to Hilary. hadn't heard of the effect it had. wonderful news that she (the US) is putting pressure on Guatemala to finish the remaining adoption cases. my prayers are with you and your family. Godspeed tomorrow and while you are there.

Steph said...

Happy Birthday, Kinsey!!!!

Safe journeys and have an amazing time. I can't wait to see more pictures and here an update.

And, I am sooooo happy to hear Kinsey is feeling better!

Sandy said...

So glad they seem to have figured her meds out. Hoping she looks fabulous when you see her. Have a great trip and Happy, Happy birthday, sweet Kinsey!!!!!