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Monday, January 25, 2010

Thankful and Excited!

First, I want to say how THANKFUL we are that no-one was hurt. Yesterday after church we were heading home for lunch and to get changed to head up to Indy for the Colts game. We were only on the road for about 3 minutes when a car pulled out in front of us and we could not avoid the collision. We all braced for impact and luckily the cars got all the damage and none of us were hurt. We were shaken up but no-one was injured. It took the police a very very long time to arrive. 45 minutes or so. At the same time of our accident, there was another one that happened nearby that ended in a fatality. That is why we saw a police car with their lights on head away from our accident. My heart sunk when the 911 dispatcher told me on the phone. While we were sighing with relief from our accident, a family lost their loved one.
Our thoughts and prayers are with that family.
We were finally able to get home, change clothes, change vehicles, and eat. We then headed for Indy for the big Colts game against the Jets. We surprised Kainen with a ticket and all 3 of us went. It was awesome and we are very very EXCITED to be going to the Super Bowl! We love love love football at our house and can't wait to watch it from our living room on Feb. 7th. Here are a few pics from last nights game.






Steph said...

How frightening!!! I am so relieved your family is safe.

And...you get the "Most Awesome" Parent award!!! I bet Kainen was beyond excited!! How fun!

Will and Aileen said...

So happy to hear that none of you were injured! How cool that you all got to see the game in person!

The gFamily said...

I am glad you guys are okay! And I am glad that you still got to make it to the game! You guys are SUPER FANS!! Go Colts!!

Pam L said...

I was watching the game and wondering if you guys were there. I should have known you would be.

So glad you were all ok after the accident. I'm ready for all this ice and snow to be gone and for Spring to come. I know, I've got a while to wait but I'm sooooo ready.

Loved the pics!

Beth said...

I am so glad you guys were not hurt. So sad about the other family. Glad the Colts won. woohoo. Super Bowl here we come to win!!!