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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh how I love saving money!

Most of you close to me know how I love a bargain. I love to shop clearance racks and come home with lost of things that I paid little for. One thing I obsess about is keeping my grocery bill low. The lower the better. At work they call me the "Coupon Queen". I have a significnt amount of coupons all organized in my coupon holder. Now there is a "science" to this coupon madness and you should never buy something just because you have a coupon. Especially if it is something that you don't even use. We have a grocery budget of $250.00/month and that includes any toiletries, household items such as laundry soap, and cleaning supplies. People ask me what in the world I feed my family on a budget like this. Well, we eat just like any normal family does. For example, some dinners we had last week were:

Salmon Patties
Homemade potato soup

The goal for me is to pay very little for most of my items so I can use what money I have left to buy produce and meat. Those things I usually don't have coupons for.

Just wanted to share with you some of the ways we save money in our house. Danny says we have enough toothpaste and shampoo to last us until 2015......

My 2 favorite places to go for great deals are Krogers and CVS.
Here are a few pics from 2 purchases I made last week. I just stocked up on the items on sale.

My total was $4.52 after coupons and I have $10.00 in Extra Care Bucks to spend at CVS

Krogers total $8.68


Steph said...

Sweet!!!! You know I love a great bargain, too! Last week I bought 8 jars of ragu for $0.75!! I also got the free colgate at CVS. I found out today that our Kroger is doing triple coupons this weekend and I am so EXCITED!!!! hehehe!

Beth said...

You are truly amazing. I love a deal also, but can't do the coupons. Either they expire before I use them or I forget them at home. Oh well, I still shop clearance racks and go to sales. Love you guys

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

My sister does the same thing. SHe has enough stuff stocked in her basement to last for years. I used to go to Walgreens when they had all their great rebates. I also love Kroger for great deals and they send us freebie coupons for shopping there.