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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Small update

Our travels were uneventful. We arrived in Guatemala and went straight to PGN. They were all eating lunch and we had 30 minutes to wait so we walked to Pollo Campero for lunch. Once we got back to PGN we talked to Sonia. She said that our report was back but they reversed Kinsey's first and middle birth names which made her sound like she was a boy. So they had sent it back and were waiting for the fixed report. We are going back on Tuesday to check to see if it is there yet. They said that is all we need to get out of minor's. Sonia's boss would still have to sign off on it too. That was Danny's first visit to PGN. When you go and see it for yourself, you realize how much control they have over when your adoption is complete. They choose to decide how much work they are going to do for the day. And from what I have seen, it isn't much.

This visit has been one of the easiest transitions for Kinsey. She did cry for about an 1 hour looking around the hotel for her fostermom. We just held her close and reminded her that she was fine. We figured it would be the usual day or 2 for her to get used to us. BUT she surprised us and when she woke up from her nap she has been great. She has been "cooking" for us and dancing and is talking up a storm. We skyped my mom last night.Kinsey said Hola, Como esta? It was the cutest thing. She is like a typical 2 year old but I forget what milestones she should be at because we only see her every few months. She had me playing hide and go seek last night. We would have to tip toe around the hotel and she would put her fnger up to her mouth and say "Shhhh".

We are very grateful that we can spend time with her and visit with her. I will try to post some pictures later. Kinsey's hair looks like "Cousin It" this morning. I am going to try to go tame it down.


Yesenia said...

I hope you are able to get answers and movement while you are down there. So happy to hear that you are with your little one :)

The gFamily said...

I cannot wait to see some new pictures of Kinsey! Glad she is doing well!!

Will and Aileen said...

So glad you are able to be there to visit with Kinsey again! I hope PGN gets that report squared away Monday or Tuesday!

Steph said...

Oooooh! I can't to see that crazy, beautiful hair! hehe!! I am so happy that the transition was very quick and hope the rest of your trip is wonderful.