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Monday, March 1, 2010

Finally time to post

Kinsey started to get sick on Friday night with a cough and runny nose. No big deal right? Well for her, it can be. Being a nurse I usually don't freak out right away. Kinsey managed to have me a little nervous. She got to the point that she would cough nonstop until she puked everywhere. It wasn't just a few times, it was very very frequent. She couldn't play without coughing or eat or pretty much do anything. The biggest problem is at night. We propped her up and everything. Once she gets started she can't stop. Knowing she has been hospitalized twice for breathing problems I tried to do all the home remedies before calling her FM or calling the doctor. You should have seen us at the Guatemala Pharmacy. Heh! That was funny. Charades is definetely not my cup of tea. I am not quite sure what I bought. We called Lilian last night and she had been giving her this allergy medicine so we had the pharmacy deliver that to the hotel. Even with that she was up most of the night coughing and puking up mucous. So this morning we took her to her doctor. It was a good experience and he speaks pretty good english. He is actually a new doctor she started seeing about 5 months ago because all the other one was doing was giving her antibiotics. This doctor today said that when she came to him she was very sick. (oh yes I remember) She has been doing really well since she started seeing him. She is very sensitive to things and has allergies that flare up almost instantly. She is on an inhaler and a cough medicine. It was nice to take her to the dr myself and meet him. She knew him and knew exactly what to do.

Despite her sickness she has been so much fun. There are so many little things I have dreamed of doing with her and Kainen. Who would of thought seeing the 2 of them play in the jungle gym at the McDonalds would be so exciting. She tries to keep up with her older brother. She LOVES pizza. We went to Pizza Hut yesterday and she sat in a high chair. That is a first for her because normally she wants to be held. She squealed "PIZZA" when she saw it. She sat on the potty yesterday and brushes her teeth. I know all of these things seem so small to some, but these are little blessings we have not had the opportunity to experience.

We went to our friend Eva's grandmother's house today after the doctor. She welcomed us into her home with open arms. She made us homemade fresh melon juice. Let me tell you, it was good. It is sooo funny because she was jammin to American music like Tom Petty and the Cranberries. She said she loves to turn it up loud in the house. She doesn't speak English, but she likes our music. I thought is was pretty neat.

We head out tomorrow. We will go to PGN in the morning.


Steph said...

Oh, poor Kinsey! I am so glad you were there to take care of her and meet her doctor. The pictures of her and Kainen are soooo adorable!

And, those little moments are priceless.priceless.priceless. You have already been forming amazing memories with her. Ones she will cherish forever and want to hear over and over again. This is her special story.

Good luck at PGN. I will be thinking of you and saying some extra prayers tonight.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pics. Kinsey is sooooo cute! All that hair! Love it. Glad you got to experience all those priceless moments with your girl. Hope she is feeling better.

The gFamily said...

I am so glad that you got to experience so many new things with her! I am sorry that one of those things had to be meeting her new doctor because she was sick again! I am sure that it was nice to be able to take care of your precious daughter, though! Her hair is getting so long! I bet it is super long when you pull those ringlets straight down!! Love, Love her hair!! I also love the pictures of her with her brother! They seem like two peas in a pod!! :)