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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Guatemala hit hard

Guatemala has experienced some bad weather and events over the past week. First the Pacaya volcano erupts and spews ash all over Guatemala City and the surrounding areas. They even closed down the airport. As if that was not enough a few days later, tropical storm Agatha hits the country hard with monsoon like rain. They recieved in 24 hours what they get in a years time. There are mudslides, flooding, homes destroyed and people dying. It is just awful. I called and talked to Kinsey and attempted to speak with her foster family. They said they were all ok. I called our dear friend Eva who lives in the city with her family. She said that it was really bad and they had been having earthquake tremors too. She said there was a sinkhole near her house that swallowed a 3 story house. She said it was huge. I am so thankful that her family is ok and everyone that we know down there is well. When she told me about the sinkhole I still could not grasp how big it was. Well here is a pic of it.

It is crazy huge. I could not believe my eyes. There are so many that are already struggling there to stay alive and now they have raging waters, washed out roads, destroyed homes and not alot of aid to help them out.
Keep them in your prayers!

Also, one of the Guatemala newspapers posted an article about our trip to DC. There are pics and I am in one of them holding my banner high. The article is posted on the guatemala 900 website. Go check it out. Not sure what is going to happen since there will probably be delays in Guatemala now. As always we will keep you posted.

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Eva said...

Hi guys! are you still coming to visit these days? Happy Birthday Kainen!! love you guys! :)