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Friday, July 2, 2010

Overdue Update

It has been over a month since I last posted. There was a letter sent to the Guatemala president with over 75 signatures from US representatives talking about the adoptions and them moving forward. I really feel that our government trying to intervene may be the only way that these cases finish. There seems to be little or no movement on cases anymore. Kinsey is now potty trained. We were told that she wants a bike like all the kids in her neighborhood. I can't believe all the milestones we have missed. We still call her often and listen to her sweet voice.

We have had a lot going on in our lives this past month. We have decided to start another blog and leave this one for Kinsey and her updates. I hope to print this blog out someday and give it to her as a book. Continue to check here for updates on her. Our new blog is going to be private, but do want all that come here to see about Kinsey to check out our family blog. Just leave me a comment or send me an email letting me know that you want added. There is some great news on our new blog!!! http://thesimplestblessings.blogspot.com


S said...

I would like to continue to follow your family. I am a fellow adoptive parent of two Guatemalan boys. Thank you letting join you! I continue to pray your daughter will be home soon.
Stephanie in NC

Derek and Jennifer said...

I'd love to continue to follow your blog. As a fellow adoptive mom from FTIA I've been following your journey from the start and would like to continue with your family.

Lifewithfishers @ gmail .com

Heather said...

You have finally made me open an account, I would love to follow your family blog. I am no longer a lurker. I am praying sweet Kinsey home everyday.

Rose said...

Hi i follow your blog and thus your family since about 9 months and i am hoping for good news for you every day.....i would love to be able to continue following your family + kinsey.....
so hoping for good news from guatemala....hope your government got things moving again, these kids deserve to finally meet their forever family

barbara from germany

e-mail: babsi274@web.de

Michelle said...

I would love to continue to follow your blog. I brought my daughter home from Guatemala at 14 months old in December 08.

Michelle in MD

josh n ali said...

I want to follow the new one too! Actually, someone needs to show me how to do this so that I can start my own!

selkins04 said...

Hi, I would love to continue to follow your journey! Love you guys.

Eva said...

I would like to follow the new blog! I'm glad to know you are all doing good! love you guys!
evamafico@hotmail.com :)

The gFamily said...

I would love an invite and to follow your family! We, of course, will follow Kinsey's blog and continue to pray her home! I have not given up hope!!


Stacie said...

I would love an invite to your new blog!



Nicole Saucier said...

I have a three year old daughter born in Guatemala about the same age as Kinsey and have been following your story. I'd love to continue! Best of luck with bringing her home. You're in out thoughts and prayers!

terra said...

I would like to be added to the new blog. I received the picture from Danny's cousin :)

T said...
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The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

I would love to follow your new blog as well. I have two boys from Guatemala. I have been following Kinsey's journey for quite a while. SHe is so precious.

ANGIE..... said...

I would love to be added to your family blog!

Mommy of Princess Tater Tot said...

I would love to be added so I can continue to follow your journey. I haven't always been able to check in here on the blog but keep up with the latest thru our fellow FTIA moms. :-)