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Monday, July 19, 2010

Diaper Cake

This weekend my mom and I went on a trip to Kansas City to my friend's baby shower. We love love love to make diaper cakes for any new mom. They are fun and easy to make. No 2 cakes ever end up looking alike. That is the fun of it. We just decide what items we want to put on the cake and go. We decided to add a lot of nessesity items you need for a baby. Travel items, nipple brush, formula dispenser, etc. The base of the cake is covered with a baby blanket and there are some other goodies we attached to the base. I think there was about 70-80 newborn diapers and 30-40 size 4 diapers we used. I am the most uncrafty person you will meet, so I am excited about these cakes. We were stopped several times by people commenting on the cake. If you need one done, let us know.

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