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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Invite to the new blog

A few people have left comments regarding an invite to the new blog, but did not leave an email address. Please leave your address so I can invite you to jump over and check out the new blog. Thanks.


ANGIE..... said...

my e-mail is
i would love to follow your new blog and sooy for not leaving an address the 1st time, totally fogot.

angie hasekamp

Jessica said...

I would love to follow your blog. I just (4 months ago) adopted my son domestically. He is the greatest miracle and blessing in my life.

Two years ago, when I began the process to adopt, I had planned/hoped to adopt from Guatemala... but Guatemala closed about a month before I started. At that time, I began following a lot of Guatemala blogs, and still like to check in.

So while waiting for Guatemala to reopen, I decided to try domestic adoption. It was a long road (took 21 months), but now I have the baby I can't imagine my life without.


Sarah said...

I would love to follow your new blog! I am Jenn over at Optimistically Waiting 's sister. My blog is http://bio-girl.blogspot.com my email is:


Nicole Saucier said...

I've been following your blog as I too have a young daughter born in Guate. She is very precious to us as Kinsey is to you! You are in our thoughts and prayers that you will bring her home soon.
Would love to continue following her story. steppinout@onecommail.com

Beth said...

add me also Brit....gibbens3@verizon.net

Nikki said...

Would love to follow your blog. I also have a guat tot who is almost 4! email is nlstoldt at yahoo dot com.

Missy Young said...

hey britt, add me to your new blog too! mjpyoung@msn.com

Elizabeth said...

Hi Dan and Brit this Lani,Every now and then I check your blog. Last week Linda mentioned that the two of you had adopted a little boy.May God continue to bless your family.My email is Lanikirk53@gmaial,com

The Heinrichs said...

I would love an invite to your new blog! deannabrestensky@hotmail.com