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Friday, March 11, 2011


Received an email from the Embassy that stated they had not yet received my DNA results. Um.....Yeah you did. So I sent an email back stating when it was delivered and who it was signed for by. Geez............ I can't catch a break. I hope it is not lost. Just my luck...................UGH!!!!!!!!!!


Hope said...

Praying it is not lost. We need for this to be a done deal!

Pam L said...

You know it's there. So glad you had that tracking information so you could tell them who signed for it. I've heard others say this happened to them so at least you're not alone. They'll find it. You can always offer to come and help them out. That will probably make them look a little harder.
Anyway, what would this journey be without one more little bit of drama ;)

Aileen said...

Man that stinks! Hope they figure it out and issue your pink today!

Natalie said...

Hey Britt, its Nat. I just wanted to say Congrats on getting your baby girl!!! I cannot wait to meet her finally! Brittany, you have had a long hard journey and I must say the patience and courage you have shown these past few years is just simply amazing. You are a wonderful momma and all 3 of the MiNi-Reyher's are blessed to have you. Again, congrats :)

LAURA said...

Look how far you guys have come, it is almost over, you will all be home soon.
Will continue to pray for PINK.